Saturday, 22 June 2013

Circumference Fun!

After going through my students' VCAA testing results I found that the majority of kids were struggling with measurement, while my high performers (I have some that work at about 2 years above standard!!) had no knowledge about circles. After searching through Pinterest I found an amazing snail concoction that looked like it might be the answer to my problems. And, with a little creative googling, I found a way I could weave it into our topic of Deserts...The Hairy Desert Snail Project was born!!
Hairy Desert Snail pinIt turned out pretty amazing, each student got something that they needed - whether it be how to use a ruler to measure out distances, differentiating between circumference, diameter and radius, or even just how to use a ruler to make a straight line.... Sigh. It's almost the end of Term 2! I can make it!!
They loved making these snails, some of them now read to them in the Daily 5, some took them home and made more with mum and dad, two girls even wrote poems for them in free writing time! Ah, and it was a little bit of fun too...which was well needed at the end of this week :)